Cold Hill

Cold Hill is a new record label dedicated to deep, soulful music with an electronica leaning.


Kennedy - Blood Moon EP

Tom Kennedy's dark, visceral, and sometimes terrifying journey into modular synthesis, and into sonic spaces he has only dared to dream of before.

Nányë - Hummingbird EP

The début release from musicians and producers Ella Joy, Elliot Hingston, Roman Banwell and Oliver Rushen.

Paul McGillivray - Broken Bounds EP

The debut electronica/downtempo EP from Ella Joy, is now available from all good digital stores.

Arupa Gold LP

Arupa Gold is an improvisational music collaboration project by Paul McGillivray (Bluze), Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, and Ella Joy.

Ella Joy - Lucid Living Remixes

Incredible remixes of Ella Joy's debut EP, featuring Modifier, Motif, Warriors of the Dystotheque and Paul McGillivray.

Ella Joy - Lucid Living EP

The beautiful debut electronica/downtempo EP from Ella Joy.